Professor Beverly Rubik Biography

Professor Beverly Rubik Biography

“Beverly Rubik, Ph. D., is a leading scientist and scholar internationally renowned for her pioneering work in frontier science and medicine that goes beyond the mainstream.”

“The biofield, the energy field of living systems, offers a new perspective complementary to the mainstream biochemical view of life.

It is Mother Nature’s original Wi-Fi–the basis of a new communication system in biology–in which invisible fields transmit key bio-information.  It is the basis of energy medicine whereby the softer, gentler therapies act in harmony with the body’s innate dynamics.


She has published over 90 papers and 2 books. Life at the Edge of Science (1996), and The Interrelationship between Mind and Matter (1992), an edited volume. She presently serves on the editorial boards of four peer-reviewed journals:  Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine; Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine; Integrative Medicine Insights; and the Journal of Vortex Science and Technology.


Dr. Beverly Rubik has consulting to well-established corporations on research and novel technologies as well, conducted research and development of maverick health and wellness products for inventors and businesses. Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., is a leading scientist and scholar internationally renowned for her pioneering work in frontier science and medicine that goes beyond the mainstream.


Beverly Rubik has won several awards for her pioneering research, including the Integrity in Science award from the Weston A. Price Foundation, 2015 and Alyse and Elmer Green Award for Innovation in Science, 2009.


Dr Beverly Rubik is also a practicing Integrative Health Practitioner. Her scientific areas of interest include consciousness studies; bioelectromagnetic; water, in regard to the living state; and alternative and complementary medicine.  Rubik is especially known for her pioneering research on the biofield, the energy field associated with living organisms.

Public Speaker

Dr. Beverley Rubik, has been exploring this extraordinary field of “bio-energy” for decades, conducting multiple experiments with professed “healers” from around the world — those rare individuals who seem to be able to consciously manipulate within themselves this “bio-field” for the successful resolution of a broad spectrum of medical infirmities, in a wide variety of patients they have healed. Beverly also has spent decades developing controlled laboratory experiments for the detection and characterization of this mysterious “bio-energy,” seeking to prove not only its reality, but its fundamental application to properly identifying and remedying the basic causes of “disease”.

Biographical Highlights

Beverly Rubik held the following positions on her career:

  • Ph.D., Biophysics, University of California, Berkeley
  • Director of Temple University’s Centre for Frontier Sciences, 1988-1995
  • Member, Program Advisory Board, Office of Alternative Medicine at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), 1992-7.
  • Chaired NIH panels on bioelectromagnetic medicine and manual healing
  • Founder & Director, Institute for Frontier Science, since 1996
  • Internationally renowned for her research on the biofield, the field of energy-with-information of living systems
  • Popular speaker on topics in frontier science and medicine, including the new water science; electromagnetic fields and life; energy medicine; mind-body medicine; and the biofield
  • Health educator to individual and corporate clients
  • Professor, Energy Medicine University
  • Faculty member, College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences, Saybrook University
  • Member, editorial board of:

Member, editorial board of:

  • Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
  • Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine
  • Integrative Medicine Insights
  • Journal of Vortex Science and Technology