The characteristics of the Eostre goddess are in line with the company’s purpose, the corporate philosophy makes it as the company’s core value.

Technology of T-RT?

Toga Resonance Technology includes products that produces vibration that can neutralize or shield EMF radiation energy fields in the environment, or the body.

What is eT-RT?

eT-RT™ is a resonance technology developed applying the principles of quantum physics and subtle energies technology.



The Subtle Energy Images are energetically encoded image files that transform your electronic devices into powerful vibrational tools that broadcast the amplified energetic signature of the products.

Energetic encoding technology is based on the science and phenomenon of Subtle Energy. It is a unique and exciting new form of vibrational technology that uses digital audio, pictures and video to administer (via energetic transmission) life-enhancing subtle energy.

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How to use the “Mandala”, Audio, Video files?

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